PRIMAL URGE was created in 1981 as a small, alternative ‘zine and published until 1984.  It resumed publishing in 1988 as a regional, monthly tabloid and continued in that format until 1989 when it ceased publishing again.  The publisher, Dave Boles, went on to publish several other publications in a career that lasts to this day.

PRIMAL URGE resumed again in early 2011, beginning again as a regional tabloid and then morphing into a slick, four color international Art & Literary magazine.  It began publishing an internet presence in mid-2011 and ceased its print format in early 2012.

Ever changing and adapting to current events, the format changed in the Fall of 2012 to a forum/zine, incorporating a forum for its members to not only comment on each others posts, but to allow members to showcase their talents via their own pages. In 2013 PRIMAL URGE started a Facebook group that continues to showcase writers, photographers, artists and political issues as well as featuring commentary and essays on social issues from around the globe.  It sponsors a reading series, chapbooks and anthologies, distributing these books both electronically and printed throughout the world.

PRIMAL URGE continues on in its 30+ year study on the causality and synchronicity of creativity. There are no rules. There are no regulations. PRIMAL URGE - A JOURNAL FOR DIVERSE HUMANS is sparking new creativity from an endless pool of talent daily.  Thanks in advance for your help in making this experiment happen.  Whatever your creative genius, you can evolve it here.